Sunday, March 19, 2006


Wow I´ve missed blogging! We moved to a new house and no longer have internet access at home so that´s why I haven´t blogged for so long. So what´s been happening since my last blog? We were robbed, moved to a really nice little house, my orange tree blossomed, and now we´re on little vacation with Zaak´s lovely sister Saison. We were in El SAlvador which is quite the country (more on our seedy hotel-volcanoes-flat tire-waterfalls-crazy dude who kicked our car in at the border adventures later, Blaise is kicking up a fuss and wanting to get out of this hot internet cafe) and now we´re in the delightful touristy town of Antigua in Guatemala. Had crepes for breakie and probably will have sushi for lunch - yeehaw!