Sunday, April 29, 2007

Acadia's Tummy Troubles

This is a shot of Acadia 2 nights ago, just before she kept me up past midnight with stomach pains. I don't think it's anything I'm eating that's causing her discomfort, because I cut out caffeine and chocolate and still she was fussy. So maybe it's just her digestive system learning how things work. Last night started to look like a repeat of the one before, so Zaak suggested we bring her to bed with us. We all slept much better, so maybe she was just lonely and we mistook it for gas. Parenting, whew!

Hania & Blaise

This is one of Blaise's favorite little friends. Her name as well as Sam and Kathe's (he says them Yam and Kay-kee:) are the only other names he says so far, besides Mama and Papa.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mama y Nena

Nena means baby girl, everyone asks when we go out with Acadia "Nena or Nene (baby boy)?" The Guatemalan women traditionally spend 40 days in bed after giving birth so I'm causing quite a stir by being out and about. Yesterday in the market the women were amazed at me - "You can walk!? You're not in pain?" they asked me:) Funny.
So life is resuming some sort of normalacy now as Acadia turns 2 weeks old tomorrow. I usually nap when Blaise does every afternoon so that makes up for getting up about every 3 hours in the night to nurse Acadia. Also Zaak gets up with Blaise in the mornings so I can get a few more minutes of sleep. It was a bit scary at first having 2 children to care for, but now it's getting better. They do have an uncanny ability though to both need me at once when I am home alone. Thanks again to all of you out there for your well wishes and prayers. We are truly blessed.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Welcome Daughter

Ironic that my last post was of Blaise and "baby" when the real baby arrived that same day! So yes, our family is one little person richer now, and her name is Acadia Juliette. Zaak did a marvelous write-up of the birth on his blog so I won't repeat all the details. We're so happy to have Acadia here with us, and that she is healthy and beautiful. She sleeps A LOT so the photo of her with her eyes open is a rare moment that I captured tonight. We appreciate SO much all the well wishes and congrats that friends and family have been sending us, it warms my heart to see how loved we are:) I'm a bit bemused at how so many people are impressed with my child-birthing capabilities. I really don't feel like I am especially gifted at bearing children, I just go with what my body tells me and look forward to the baby at the end of the pain. And oh is there ever pain! I'm sure I sound like some sort of wild animal when I am in labor. But I'm okay with that:) And I appreciate the compliments, so thanks!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Blaise & Baby

Okay, okay I know, bad joke. But I couldn't resist:)

39 Weeks (and a bit) Prego

Our due date is just 5 days away now! Of course very few babies are born on their actual due date, but we know the baby has to come out sooner than later:) I've actually been having some false labor today, 2 hours of it this morning at intervals of ten minutes - but then it died down to just a few Braxton Hicks contractions every hour. So my body's getting ready! Can't wait to meet this new little person:)

Zoila, Zaak & Mariah with Their Eggs

"Ready to Hatch:)"

Blaise & Easter Egg Hunting Pals

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday I was up at 5 to get to the Easter Sunrise Service. I've always been gung-ho to go to these sunrise service type things but sleepiness has always managed to win when my alarm rings. I made it to this one in part because I don't sleep as much or as hard as normal being in the final weeks of my pregnancy, and maybe in part because I am a mature adult now:) Zaak and Blaise stayed home and slept because that's WAY too early to wake up Blaise.
So the first photo is of the kids at the service enjoying their tamales. It was a slightly cloudy morning but neat to be outside and watch the sun peak out from behind the clouds during the service.
After a nap and shower at home we got ready for some egg-coloring and hunt. Blaise had 4 little buddies over and they had a fun time finding the eggs I hid. With the bigger kids (like Zaak, Mariah, and Zoila:) we painted eggs. All the easter stuff came from Canada thanks to Saison and Luana, there is nothing in the stores here for Easter. It's called Holy Week and everyone gets time off work/school, and there are these somber proccesionals through town. It's a huge holiday for the Catholic Church but it's strange to me how Jesus' death seems more important that His Resurrection.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Playdate at The Granja

This morning Blaise and I took our friends Priscila and Miguel out for breakfast. Priscila watched Blaise for me the 3 mornings I helped out with the medical clinic last week so I wanted to say thanks. The Granja (The Farm) is a great little restaurant just 1 km away from us, it has pretty tasty food and a great playground. Miguel is 4 months younger than Blaise and so they play alongside each other quite well. Priscila is a stay at home Mom like me and we always have lots to talk about, in spanish no less. It was a fun time, but I think I need a nap now:)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Just 2 Weeks Left...

...Until the baby's due! Incredible that this time next month we will be a family of 4. I'm still feeling really well, just can't sit/stand/lay down for too long. This baby seems more active then Blaise was, it's constantly kicking and stretching, so much that I sometimes involuntarily gasp in shock at it's strength. We're pretty much ready for the baby's arrival, I've got it's bed set up and all it's cute little clothes in a dresser. We still need to blow up the kiddie pool we bought (as I plan to labor in water again.) Blaise will go over to our neighbors if we go into labor during the day. The only thing I can think of that we are lacking is a final decision on a boys name. Zaak will be home tomorrow so we'll have to sit down and slug it out:) He was saying we should decide before he had to go away these two nights, but we didn't. I think the least of my worries would have been the baby's name if I started going into labor with Zaak a 6 hour drive away. He will be home tomorrow so I'm glad. Blaise took only 5 hours to birth so I'm thinking this one could be even quicker. What a special time of life we are at right now! I'm so happy to be me:)