Monday, April 16, 2007

Welcome Daughter

Ironic that my last post was of Blaise and "baby" when the real baby arrived that same day! So yes, our family is one little person richer now, and her name is Acadia Juliette. Zaak did a marvelous write-up of the birth on his blog so I won't repeat all the details. We're so happy to have Acadia here with us, and that she is healthy and beautiful. She sleeps A LOT so the photo of her with her eyes open is a rare moment that I captured tonight. We appreciate SO much all the well wishes and congrats that friends and family have been sending us, it warms my heart to see how loved we are:) I'm a bit bemused at how so many people are impressed with my child-birthing capabilities. I really don't feel like I am especially gifted at bearing children, I just go with what my body tells me and look forward to the baby at the end of the pain. And oh is there ever pain! I'm sure I sound like some sort of wild animal when I am in labor. But I'm okay with that:) And I appreciate the compliments, so thanks!


Zaak said...

Bemused? How is that different from amused?

You do sound like a wild animal (or a domestic one for that matter, of the cattle variety) when you're in labour. It's great though. You get us to do whatever you want us to at that point because we're really afraid of you. What's really hilarious is how normal and calm and down to earth you are between contractions.

Rock on rockin' mama!

Aimée said...

Again, we're very happy for you and you are a super mama! Was that fast or what!? That's really a blessing. Acadia is beautiful and I am happy you got your little girl. Mother's intuition says a lot, eh?

Anonymous said...

What an adorable baby!
Well I'll just have to see her when I come back to Guatemala, but by then I'm sure she'll be huge:)
Love and Prayers
Zarifa Salzgeber

Sirdar said...

She sure is a cutie!! And lots of hair. Must come from your side of the family :-)

GrandmaDeb said...

Yahoo! I can comment on Amber's blog!!(I usually can't see the word verification)
I've been enjoying your blogs...and found it so funny that your pervious blog was posted the morning of Acadia's birth! Having been at Blaise's birth, yes, you do cope very well with the pain. I was especially curious about Blaise's reactions to his new little sister. It is also amazing to me that I was absolutely certain it would be a little girl. I'm never that sure. She is so adorable...I can't wait to meet her!!

Petra said...

She's beautiful. And again, much love and happiness to you all.

Steffi said...

Congratulations and our best wishes to your new cute baby!