Monday, March 24, 2008

Security Blanket

Oh my funny sweet girl. A few nights ago as I was putting Acadia to bed she did a huge projectile vomit. Thankfully only half of her blankets got hit, and she was happy as a clam right afterwards.

The next morning she had the worst time napping! Later I brought in the clean blankets from the line and when she saw her fuzzy pink one she was so excited! I now see that she almost instantaneously goes from snuggling her blankie, to thumb in mouth, to zzzzz... (She has sucked her thumb from day one, so she likely sucked it in the womb too :)

I was so surprised because I didn't realize what an attachment she had to this blanket! Blaise was a soother baby so that was his security object, and once he gave that up we made the mistake of letting him sleep with his bottle - which became his new security object. Since breaking his bottle habit he hasn't attached to any new stuffed animal or blanket.

April, one of my younger sisters, had this tattered old blue blanket that I remember her dragging all around the house. I can't remember if I had one though, or if my other sisters did. I'll have to give my Mom a call and ask her about it.

Knit One, Purl Two!

We have this kids show DVD called Nanalan' that my sister-in-law Salome got for Blaise. One of the episodes has Nana the nanny knitting something that Russel the dog snatches away from her. A wild chase ensues with the star of the show, Mona, retrieving the scarf from a repentent Russel. All this to say that while Nana is knitting she is saying aloud "knit one, purl two, knit one, purl two" and that has been going through my head as I have taken up knitting.

My mom taught me when I was little but I had forgotten, plus I don't rememeber making any really stellar projects as a child. I have really wanted to learn again, so a few weekends ago I took out the needles I had brought here with me over 2 years ago. I recalled seeing Julie (the Peters' kids tutor from Alberta) knitting a scarf around Christmas so I got her to show me how to get started. Zaak, Julie and myself always play Settlers (and eat churrascos) Saturday nights but that night all I wanted to do was knit! That must be why I lost both games, I kept knitting when it wasn't my turn to play :)

I quickly finished off the small amount of yarn I had started with and promptly gave it to Blaise for a teddy bear blanket. Unfortunately I didn't "bind off" (I think that's what it's called) so my first practice project soon unravelled itself, whoops. I won't make that same mistake this time.

Today with the rain coming down and the kids blessedly napping in unison, I looked up some knitting instructions. Julie had started me off so I needed to learn how to "cast on" - all these fun terms, like a new language! I found a great sight with super simple knitting instructions.

And so it begins! My hope and dream is to get to a point where I could be proud to see my children and husband (and myself too of course!) wearing items I have knitted. I also would love to be able to give as gifts the things I we'll see how I do on this knitting journey I've embarked on - wish me luck!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sweet Sweet Sleep

Here she is, the little girl who, after 11 long months, is finally letting me get my beauty rest. That's right, Acadia has started sleeping through the night! She gets up early (6-ish) but that's fine by me when I haven't seen her since 7 o'clock the night before. It is amazing how I can feel my energy level going up! Now as long as I can get myself to bed before 10 and evade Zaak's "Wanna watch a movie with me? Just watch the beginning...then you can go to bed" pleas, I'll be conquering the world in no time. Or at least getting a lot more done in my day :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My New look

My blogs new look that is! Wonderful Zaak helped me to put together these 3 photos I wanted to have at the top of my blog. I keep going to my blog now just to look at how beautiful the banner(?) is! I took all three photos, and in case you are dying to know this is where they are from:
The pink and purple lupin flowers photo was taken near Zaak's grandmothers house in New Brunswick. The lupins bloom there in the summer for miles upon miles - it is breath-taking.
The second photo is of a statue paying homage to mothers, an hour away in the town of Salama, Guatemala.
Third is the beach just before sunset in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

7 Things

Chef Mama Aimee tagged me for a meme and so here I am dutifully doing it :) I actually had lots of fun thinking about what seven things I would put on here, and look forward to reading others...

7 Things you may not know about me:

1. I cycled across Canada and haven't been on a bike since the last day of the trip.

2. I have kept a journal faithfully since the age of 15.

3. My claim to fame is that one of my sisters kissed a boy in high school who now plays for the NHL.

4. My son Blaise has been to 7 countries and not yet seen his 3rd birthday.

5. My husband Zaak and I are blessed/cursed :) with the spiritual gift of "voluntary poverty."

6. Both of my babies were anesthesia free, midwife-assisted water births.

7. I don't know where I will be living in 6 months time.

And the 5 lucky bloggers that I am tagging are...

Zaak of Zaakistan
April of New Beginnings
Kelsie of Kelsiespot
Justin of Am I There Yet?
Dawn of Colours of Dawn

Now you are supposed to write your own list of 7 things and then pass it on to five friends. Make sure and notify the friends you tag by commenting on their blogs. Whew this is feeling complicated!
P.S. I won't be offended if you don't do this meme thing - it may not be your cup of tea so no worries :)