Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Few of My Favorite Things

I'm finally blogging again after a shameless week of Facebook addiction. A question people often ask us here is "What do you miss about Canada?" Besides family and friends, this is my list of things I miss most (in no particular order):
1. Grocery stores like Safeway and Superstore 2. Libraries 3. Laws about sound pollution and the use of air brakes in urban areas. 4. Baths and Showers with proper water pressure and steady temperature. 5. Ethnic Restaurants. So to my North American friends and family out there, I hope you enjoy and appreciate that you have all these things at your fingertips:) And if you were living in a foreign country, what do you thin you'd miss?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Congrats April!

A big congrats to my sister April who not only is a mean lemon meringue pie maker, but just landed her first "real" job! She will be starting a teaching job in the fall in the lovely city of Montreal. She must have made quite an impression because she hasn't even graduated yet and they hired her! Way to go SIs!

A Marvelous Mothers Day

Here are some shots from Mothers Day. I've enjoyed reading other people's blogs about what they did on Mothers Day, it's neat we have a day to appreciate moms and all they do. I got to chat with my own Mom a bit too, which was nice but made me miss her a lot. So I awoke to rustlings and bangings out in the kitchen which is a very unusual sound. Then Blaise brought me a card Zaak had made, and he told me "Happy Day, Mama" at Zaak's prompting - very sweet. The card included the gift of a massage at a place on the way to Coban with babysitting provided by Papa. I then got up to 3 beautiful bouquets of flowers and some treats from the market for breakfast. After that we watched the home movie DVD Zaak had just finished of our first few months in Guatemala. Blaise loves watching "Baby Blaise" on TV:) Even better than Baby Eistein (his current favorite). Later Zaak asked "So do you want to go out for lunch?" Of course I did, and ended up having brunch. We played outside afterwards and then went home for naps. At church that evening we were blessed by having Acadia dedicated. It was a full and wonderful day, I'm already looking forward to next years!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Sunday, May 06, 2007

For the Love of Tea...

This is what I look forward to every morning. I have a nice hot cup of Mildred Tea (the closest thing to Earl Grey that I can get here), and a "Pan Mexicana" which is a cinnamon-y sweet bread from our local bakery. I used to be a bit into coffee for awhile, but I've returned to my first love; tea. Also I have a special mug that I like my morning tea in, the red gardenia one in the photo. I have particular mugs for hot chocolate and herbal tea as well. Does that make me eccentric I wonder? Nah:)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Diaper Daze

We were hoping to have Blaise out of diapers by the time the baby came, but unfortunately he has a mind of his own and is not ready to bid the diaper farewell. So here we are, two kids in diapers. I'm sure glad Zaak and I are a team, because changing two kids' bums on my own would be rather taxing. I'm not sure who's easier to change, because Blaise fights getting changed but Acadia often pees just when I'm switching from the dirty diaper to the clean one (hence wetting her clothes).

Sweet Pea

I grew this sweet pea from a seed, so I'm happy to see it finally bloom. I bought a bunch of seeds from a little store in town that sells all kinds of random things. Lots of the seed packets had an expiration date of 2003, so I risked them anyway and planted a bunch. About half of what I planted came up, unfortuantely none of the poppies made it. I think my favorite flowers are sweet peas, sunflowers, poppies, and hollyhocks, but I love all flowers.

Cabbage Head:)

Here's Blaise "helping" me make borcsht for supper last night. He wants up on the cupboard every time I'm cooking something, and he's pretty good about not touching/tasting things he shouldn't. He did try to sample some raw eggs the other day though, yuck!

Big Brother and Little Sister