Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Marvelous Mothers Day

Here are some shots from Mothers Day. I've enjoyed reading other people's blogs about what they did on Mothers Day, it's neat we have a day to appreciate moms and all they do. I got to chat with my own Mom a bit too, which was nice but made me miss her a lot. So I awoke to rustlings and bangings out in the kitchen which is a very unusual sound. Then Blaise brought me a card Zaak had made, and he told me "Happy Day, Mama" at Zaak's prompting - very sweet. The card included the gift of a massage at a place on the way to Coban with babysitting provided by Papa. I then got up to 3 beautiful bouquets of flowers and some treats from the market for breakfast. After that we watched the home movie DVD Zaak had just finished of our first few months in Guatemala. Blaise loves watching "Baby Blaise" on TV:) Even better than Baby Eistein (his current favorite). Later Zaak asked "So do you want to go out for lunch?" Of course I did, and ended up having brunch. We played outside afterwards and then went home for naps. At church that evening we were blessed by having Acadia dedicated. It was a full and wonderful day, I'm already looking forward to next years!

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Sirdar said...

Sounds like a great day.

We did nothing much for Mom. We went out to the farm and put up chicken fence. Then we went to my nieces place and my parents came over for dinner. Had a nice time except I couldn't eat anything due to my test.