Monday, April 20, 2009

I Learned a New Word this Week...

...and the word is "acedia" (strangely close in spelling to my daughters name - Acadia - but not at all related otherwise). The definition of the word is: "spiritual or mental sloth, apathy." The pastor at our new church just finished a series on the 7 deadly sins and yesterdays was sloth. I always took it to mean simply laziness, but it's much more than that. I need to read more about it but the message really struck a chord with me. We can be missing all that God has to offer us simply by allowing ourselves to be selfish, petty, and ignorant. For me I tend to get bogged down by what I lack instead of what I am so richly blessed with. So I am making the choice this week to see the beauty and opportunity in everything around me. To take joy in the seemingly mundane tasks that are part of being a mother and a wife, to use my time wisely and enjoy every moment of life I have been granted.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Spring I Hope!

This was just 2 weeks ago! Blaise posing with a snowman he built with Papa Zaak.

And this is that's more like it! I am SO DONE with snow! (Acadia is donning earmuffs because she has a bit of a cold, and the air was still cool even thought the sun was blessedly hot :)

I was reading up on a friends blog earlier today and it made me feel sorry for mine, and for those of you faithful few who check it only to see it appears abandoned. So I have resolved to post at least once a week, be it simply a photo, quote, recipe or whatever I'm into at the moment. Cheers!