Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Halloween Rant

With Halloween here and gone I am still rather baffled about the big deal people make out of it.  We let the kids dress up and took them out trick or treating around our neighbourhood, and they each got a nice little bag of loot.  It was a mild evening for the end of October in Alberta, and it was actually a novelty to interact with our neighbours.  
One of the things that gets me is how some people are so up in arms about the Halloween candy.  Trading it in for cash at dentist clinics or having "Harvest Parties" with healthy snacks instead.  It's ONE holiday that is all about candy, and if it is eaten in moderation, I do not see the harm in it.  Our kids eat pick one treat after they've eaten their supper, and they are thrilled about it.  

The other thing that bothers me is that Halloween comes in second only to Christmas for consumer spending.  Honestly?!  That is crazy.  Our kids' costumes were mostly dress-up things they already had, we just bought felt to make Blaise a mask and Acadia a little crown to complete her fairy princess get-up.  We did buy some candy to hand out as well but only had about a dozen kids come to our door, so I ended up eating way too many mini mars bars!