Thursday, June 29, 2006

My Husband - FilmMaker Extraordinaire

I am so proud of Zaak! His bike trip documentary has been accepted into the Montreal International Film Festival! I've known for awhile now that he's incredibly talented and now the rest of the world will too. What a dream come true. So in two months we will be headed for Canada's best city, to celebrate the world premiere of Zaak's film with my sister and our friends there. I can hardly wait! I've started excercising in earnest now so that I can wear something fabulous to the premiere:) April will help me out with that I'm sure. All the hours of playing with, feeding, and changing Blaise so Zaak could work on the film have paid off. He couldn't have done it without me - I take full credit for the big help that I was:)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Mmmm - food!

We were ravenous after our strenuous hike so stopped for supper on our way home. I ordered what I thought was going to be just soup with tamales, but ended up getting this huge chunk of turkey meat in the deal! Blaise is looking rather enviously at it but all he would have done is slung it across the restaurant, so I didn't share it with him. My calves are wicked sore today, two days after the hike but the excercise was good for me. Zaak's mom brought me a skipping rope (on my request) so I want to start doing some cardio with that. I love walking and hiking but the highway is not a very enjoyable place to walk and taking Blaise in his stroller up the mountain and back is a bit more of a challenge than I'm up to. So I'll skip:)

Pit Stop for a Bum Change:)

How badly do you need a bathroom?

These two outhouses were what we encountered on our trek to the highest waterfalls in Central America this past weekend. Pretty funny, especially the one with the view:) None of us used them but I looked in the one with walls and decided I could wait. Funny how the conditions of the facilties determines if you can wait or not:) Also we saw lots of little lizards on the hike and I had visions of them crawling on me - not cool.

Fathers Day Breakie

I think Blaise is looking more and more like Zaak all the time.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My Sweet Pea and My Roses

Want some pizza with your ketchup?

Zaak went out last night and picked us up a pizza for supper to eat while we listened to Edmonton lose to Carolina. There's a pizza place in town that recently opened and they actually make really tasty pizza. The funny thing is that people here eat ketchup on their pizza! We got 22 little packages of ketchup with our pizza and only used one (Zaak had some with hot sauce on his). So if you need any ketchup, you know who to call.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

"You don't mind if I eat this clod of dirt do you Mama?"

Goodbye and Good Riddance

Last Tuesday I had my two bottom wisdom teeth pulled. After years of ignoring Canadian dentists advice about getting them taken out I finally realized they had to go. They'd been bothering me on and off and so I am now two teeth poorer. The experience was painful but I kept trying to reassure myself that if I could give birth surely I could withstand this pain! Unfortunately all I had to show for after my trip to the dentist was two ugly molars, sore swollen cheeks and the inability to eat solids. I preferred labour because at the end of that I got my beautiful baby boy!
So now the pain is lessened but I'm still sore and swollen. I sure miss eating normal food too - there are only so many foods you can puree or mash. Yesterday I had cornmeal for breakfast, then refried beans, cooked plantians and mashed potatoes for lunch and supper. So it could be worse.
The day after the dentist called to see how I was doing!?! Can you imagine that happening in North America? He also gives out his personal cell phone # - crazy eh.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Lovely Lake Atitlan

These are a few shots of our trip to Lake Atitlan. I was very impressed by the beauty here and it was so great to see water again! I must have ancestors who lived near water because I feel very at home on a boat and I love fishing! Maybe it just conjures up good memories of childhood; going camping with my family on the many beautiful lakes and rivers of BC.
Zaak and his Mom Debby both got sick unfortunately the night we stayed on the Lake but Blaise and I were fine. Debby and I took in the market the next day and then we headed back to Antigua. It was great to have my Mom-in-law visit.

Tofu - Muy Rico!

As we were waiting at a traffic light in the Capital we were handed a flier for a Sushi Bar! It was lunchtime and we were hungry so we went to check it out. It was really good and the starter was soup with tofu in it (much to my delight). I haven't had tofu since we left Canada and I've been missing it. I've been cooking wih chicken and beef a bit since we moved here but it still grosses me out. I think I'm leaning towards vegetarianism again, although I'm a sucker for bbq'd meat especially when I don't have to cook it!

Blaise makes a friend.

Monday, June 05, 2006


We now finally have internet at home! What a blessed relief to be connected again to the outside world! When I went to write in my blog I could't even remember how to do it! That's how long it's been. So I'm looking forward to posting a bunch of photos and catching up on everyone's blogs that I have been missing out on. I'm typing one-handed here as I feed Blaise his bottle (he's pretty much weaned now which makes life easier) and as soon as he has a nap I'll be posting like a mad-woman:)