Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Want some pizza with your ketchup?

Zaak went out last night and picked us up a pizza for supper to eat while we listened to Edmonton lose to Carolina. There's a pizza place in town that recently opened and they actually make really tasty pizza. The funny thing is that people here eat ketchup on their pizza! We got 22 little packages of ketchup with our pizza and only used one (Zaak had some with hot sauce on his). So if you need any ketchup, you know who to call.


Zaak said...

For the record, I used 3 packages.

Also, I wish you had consulted me before offering all this gourmet ketchup to your readers.

littledeb_04@yahoo.ca said...

I remember when we passed that pizza place looks nice and kind of a funny contrast to the surroundings. maybe i will try ketchup on my next pizza see what the attraction is....hot sauce sounds much better.

April said...

Hala used to put ketchup on her pizza too... funny