Monday, July 14, 2008

OH Canada!!!

We are back. I was almost in tears as we gazed out of our airplane at the prairies of Alberta. The canola fields! Oh the canola fields! I want to get out in one and take about a zillion photos. I'm sorry I never sang your praises Alberta, but I am converted and now a believer.

The air here always smells clean and fresh, I step outside of the house just to close my eyes and drink in a breath.

The internet! Oh my stars! It's lightning fast!

The grocery stores! I could spend hours just admiring the variety they have to offer.

Most of all my heart is gladdened that Blaise could spend his 3rd birthday with our family. What a blessing to see him and Acadia doted upon by his Grandma Debby, Auntie Saison and Uncle Dean.

Okay I've got to get ouside again :)