Monday, July 14, 2008

OH Canada!!!

We are back. I was almost in tears as we gazed out of our airplane at the prairies of Alberta. The canola fields! Oh the canola fields! I want to get out in one and take about a zillion photos. I'm sorry I never sang your praises Alberta, but I am converted and now a believer.

The air here always smells clean and fresh, I step outside of the house just to close my eyes and drink in a breath.

The internet! Oh my stars! It's lightning fast!

The grocery stores! I could spend hours just admiring the variety they have to offer.

Most of all my heart is gladdened that Blaise could spend his 3rd birthday with our family. What a blessing to see him and Acadia doted upon by his Grandma Debby, Auntie Saison and Uncle Dean.

Okay I've got to get ouside again :)


Anonymous said...

Hey! What do you mean? Isn't there just a toooon of variety in the Chinita? :) We miss you guys! Sammy says we shouldn't give away Blaise's toys because he will be sad when he gets home....

Aimée said...

Welcome hooooome to Canada!!
I\m going to call soon.

Amber said...

Sorry Ruth but Superstore beats the Chinita hands down :) We miss you guys too! Blaise tried pulling the "I miss Guatemala so I can't eat my supper" trick with his Grandma the other night, smart boy ;)

Thanks Aimee, it's so very good to be back. Wish we were heading out to Montreal but maybe next summer.

dawn said...

It is wonderful to have you back. There is nothing like going home. Welcome back.