Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Spring I Hope!

This was just 2 weeks ago! Blaise posing with a snowman he built with Papa Zaak.

And this is today...now that's more like it! I am SO DONE with snow! (Acadia is donning earmuffs because she has a bit of a cold, and the air was still cool even thought the sun was blessedly hot :)

I was reading up on a friends blog earlier today and it made me feel sorry for mine, and for those of you faithful few who check it only to see it appears abandoned. So I have resolved to post at least once a week, be it simply a photo, quote, recipe or whatever I'm into at the moment. Cheers!


Michelle said...

Yeah! so happy to see your resolve to blog again! I love keeping up with your family this way! Wish all my friends blogged! :) Glad to see you all are thawing out!

Anonymous said...

I've been slacking in the blogging too. I am sure glad that spring has finally arrived. Lets hope it sticks around.

Amber said...

Thanks Mish! I'm glad yours is up and running again too! And the rss feed works, so now I can get your blogs hot off the press :)

Hey Sirdar, do you think FB has anything to do with less interest in blogging? I do.