Thursday, December 04, 2008

Knitting Myself into a Lather

So my knitting saga seems to be unending. I started with some practice yarn, but somehow couldn't even figure out the slip-knot which is the very first step. Finally figured that out, then the knitting was somehow upside down once I had my first row casted onto the needle. I abandoned the mess for a few days.

I started fresh about a week later with some sort of helpful books from the library. Then I began the scarf project I wanted to make for my Mom for Xmas. 3 tries later ( I was knitting it too tightly and picked up 10 stitches by accident!) I am hoping against hope, that I will have a completed product I can proudly give as a gift. I guess this goes to show that I am more persistent than I give myself credit for.

Today I checked out a few more knitting books at my local library, and one is called "DomiKNITrix" Pretty funny hey. I get frustrated with the books that claim they are for the beginner and are full of easy projects, because they make me feel hopelessly lost. But everyone starts somewhere right. I looked to see if there was a "Knitting for Idiots" handbook, but alas, no luck. That's what I need.


mish said...

Soooo funny! Love the picture! I learned to knit when Nate was little... but only learned to knit, not pearl. And my mother in law cast on for me. I only had to cast off... :) You go girl! Knitting is awesome! I haven't done it for two years almost now, but would love to get back into it again! Again... your picture is absolutely hilarious!

Amber said...

Ha, thanks Mish. I'll send you all my yarn if I get too fed up...actually I did finish the scarf for my mom so I am happy about that. These "womanly arts" are quite the adventure!

dawn said...

I hope you had some success in the last few weeks. I haven't learnt to knit; maybe I will pick it up when I am older and too blind for cross stitch.

Happy New Year.