Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Few of My Favorite Things

I'm finally blogging again after a shameless week of Facebook addiction. A question people often ask us here is "What do you miss about Canada?" Besides family and friends, this is my list of things I miss most (in no particular order):
1. Grocery stores like Safeway and Superstore 2. Libraries 3. Laws about sound pollution and the use of air brakes in urban areas. 4. Baths and Showers with proper water pressure and steady temperature. 5. Ethnic Restaurants. So to my North American friends and family out there, I hope you enjoy and appreciate that you have all these things at your fingertips:) And if you were living in a foreign country, what do you thin you'd miss?


Zaak said...

If I lived in a foreign country, I'd miss movie theaters that play more than just blockbuster movies. I'd miss fast reliable internet too. Oh, and friends.

Sirdar said...

I guess it depends on which foreign country I live in. I would adapt to my surroundings as best as I can and then try to appreciate what is there....and then complain that Superstore or Costco hasn't got a store in the country!!

GrandmaDeb said...

When I travelled to Guatemala,I missed being able to communicate fully. Especially when ordering food in a restaurant.
When I was at your home I missed just what you missed, my shower....and I also like my own bed.
It's probably age with me...or maybe I'm just sort of stuck in my ways......Although I like trying new things food wise....some things I want how I want just coffee with milk or cream.. (coffee there is amazing!) ...(I thought you'd get a kick out of that comment, Amber ;)I got kind of fanatical about it)people must like black coffee there. I'm also a bit of a health freak...and would want whole grains...I'm sure they are available. I dont know how I would do moving there...I guess I would learn the language.
It was fun to visit and I came home feeling like Canada is a great country to live in!