Monday, March 24, 2008

Security Blanket

Oh my funny sweet girl. A few nights ago as I was putting Acadia to bed she did a huge projectile vomit. Thankfully only half of her blankets got hit, and she was happy as a clam right afterwards.

The next morning she had the worst time napping! Later I brought in the clean blankets from the line and when she saw her fuzzy pink one she was so excited! I now see that she almost instantaneously goes from snuggling her blankie, to thumb in mouth, to zzzzz... (She has sucked her thumb from day one, so she likely sucked it in the womb too :)

I was so surprised because I didn't realize what an attachment she had to this blanket! Blaise was a soother baby so that was his security object, and once he gave that up we made the mistake of letting him sleep with his bottle - which became his new security object. Since breaking his bottle habit he hasn't attached to any new stuffed animal or blanket.

April, one of my younger sisters, had this tattered old blue blanket that I remember her dragging all around the house. I can't remember if I had one though, or if my other sisters did. I'll have to give my Mom a call and ask her about it.


April said...

Hi! I do remember that blue blankie of mine... I think Mrs. Blabey made one for each of us... I also sucked my thumb for a long time, I think 3 or 4, and look how good I turned out!! Ha ha.

Mish said...

Nate has a knitted blanket that he cannot do without. He love it! There are actually two of them (one big one and one small one. I knitted the small one.) Marae was the same way. She had two she loved, but has given them up since moving to Africa. It is good if you can have two!! So they can be washed every now and again! :) Elise doesn't really have anything yet... Acadia has such a sweet, gentle look about her.

dawn said...

Acadia is so cute. All our kids had 2 blankies each. Chadya is the child most attached to things. At 3, in our family, she was voted "most likely to become a cat lady with only paths through her house". She is a bit of a hoarder and finally made some space on her bed last year when I told her people grow at night and she wouldn't grow if there was no room for her. She hasn't gained weight because she still has a ton of stuff up there, but she does have more leg room and is much taller. She had her blankies, then at 7 got Stripes (you might even remember Stripes from church). He was on her arm until 10, then although still important Stipes stayed home and she had a hat for 2 years, less a month (we call it the sentence). She gave up the hat, and at 13 there is not obvious "blankie" everywhere she goes. Kids are so much fun.

Anonymous said...

As long as she doesn't smell and have a cloud of dirt following her like Linus, she should be OK.