Saturday, December 10, 2005

Goodbye Ester

Hurray our car finally sold!!! Thanks Saison and Dean for taking care of selling it, and bless you Neil for liking it and buying it. I'm a actually a bit saddened that Ester Buck (our car's name) is no longer ours. We bought her just before we were married and she has served us faithfully. After growing up being mortified on a regular basis by the cars I had to ride in I really value a reliable and decent-looking car. Just ask my sisters about the mail car, the car that sounded like a duck when it started, and the suburban we dubbed "The Green Beast". Trust me I could go on.
It's a rainy, cool day so I'm going to go make some banana bread to help me warm up. Adios!


robtherockeet said...

Ha ha! Good memories! How about when we only had the datsun truck and somehow we all fit?

Take care said...

Ask Zaak about the datsun with the bent drive shaft. It would rub the bottom of the car and start to heat up. the rug would start to smoke and the kids would put snow on it! Beaters make for good stories. So glad Ester Buck was sold.