Thursday, October 05, 2006

For the Love of Books

I'm reading this lovely book right now and am about a fourth of the way through it. I bought it in Montreal with April near the place that makes those delectable bagels. My goal is to make this book last the entire month of October, which will be quite the feat for me. If there is one thing I am good at it's reading at an incredible speed, too fast in fact. There have been times I've finished a book and then not been able to remember what it was about! Generally I'm not quite that bad, but I need to slow down. This is the second to last book I have to read before going to AB in December to restock my library. I've loved reading for as long as I can remember, even in elementary school I had a ravenous appetite for books. There's still nothing that can compare to curling up somewhere cozy with a hot drink and good book. I'm always slightly suspicious of people who don't like to read. A few all time favorites would have to be: Life of Pi, The Book of Sorrows, The Screwtape Letters, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Poisonwood Bible, Jane Eyre, Blue Like Jazz, The Narnia Chronicles, The BFG, The Diviners, and countless others. I wish I had a list of every book I've ever read. Bring on any recommendations you have for me to pick up when I'm in Canada por favor:)


April said...

What about the book I lent you? It had some merit, some hope at the end? What was the name? A canadian author no less!

Aimée said...

I read a good one recently called 'Wicked:The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West', by Gregory Maguire. It's been compared to Alice in Wonderland and the Hobbit, but I would have to say on a much more adult level. Maybe Alice on LSD with an R rating.=) Very cool book though.
Yay for reading!

Kevin said...

I too am a voracious reader, although only 1 out of every 15 or so books happen to be a novel or some sort of fiction. I am a magazine junkie, especially related to technology, and my books on productivity, etc... are endless. I also have about 120 feeds from various blogs I read regularly. I'm able to manage that much information flow using good tools (i.e. BlogBridge). :)