Sunday, November 05, 2006

Thief Part 2

So unfortunately I have another thieving story to tell. Today I went to the market in Tactic and someone swiped my wallet out of my purse. I reached into my purse to pay for my pineapple and two pounds of tomatoes, and there was no wallet. Mariah was with me so she paid for my stuff but I had this sinking feeling in my stomach. I checked the car, the house, and it was nowhere to be found. So, we have now had our house broken into and robbed, I had my wallet stolen last March in Antigua, a plant stolen, and now my wallet again. I only had Q300 cash in it (about $45) BUT I also had my visa so I had to cancel that and can only get my new one at Xmas. More than the actual losses is the feeling of violation. Why me, and why me again! I'm a missionary here in this country supporting the Guatemalan economy with the money supporters send our family and this is how I'm repayed?!?! Sigh. I guess it's all part of the journey but I just feel sick about it still. And I know I need to keep it in perspective, and fight the feelings of wanting to pack up and head back to Canada. People are robbed all the time in Canada too. The highlight of it all is that Mariah took me out for lunch afterwards to cheer me up - what a sweetie:) Mariah is a Canadian friend who just moved here from AB to tutor the Peters kids in their homeschool. We love having her here, she's been hanging out with us a lot and it's great.


Sirdar said...

It sure has been a tough time for you there when it comes to getting violated. Sorry to hear of your loss. Hope they catch the guy/gal.

Amber said...

Thanks for the sympathy Sirdar. The thief won't get caught as the police here seem to only ride around in their trucks.

Aimée said...

Oh, Amber, that sucks. I guess it just shows that you're (none of us are)not in control and that trust in God is imperative.
So sorry about the wallet, glad you have a friend, though.

April said...

Too bad! My boss just got her wallet stolen out of her grocery cart while she was shopping! Unfortunately it happens!
Hope that your faith in humanity picks back up!