Friday, March 30, 2007


We have internet again after almost two weeks! All of you out there that have consistent, reliable, fast internet should thank your lucky stars. So poor Zaak is too tired to blog, he's been going full tilt as we have 2 teams here from Canada right now. I was helping out with a medical clinic but was home all afternoon so that was nice. Here's a shot of Blaise "stuck" in his chair. Stuck seems to be his favorite word lately, and he tries to get himself in funny places so he can say to me "stuck-stuck!" What a goose:)


Sirdar said...

Congrats on getting the internet back.

Look forward to some new posts. I thought that you guys were on holidays or something. Too bad you weren't eh?

Amber said...

Some holiday! Funny to receive congrats on having internet again, but I feel they're due:)