Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Kids abd Stuff

It's been a rainy couple of days thanks to Hurricane Alma which was supposedly hitting Nicaragua this past week. Our internet connection has been terrible so we haven't been able to read the news, blog, email or go on FB much at all. I think I talk about the internet like Canadians talk about the weather, maybe it's a missionary thing :) (I have to post this at the city nearby where we do our shopping - at an internet cafe. Grrr.)

The kids have both been sick, Blaise with his recurring croup and Acadia now with a cough too. Poor little lambs. Acadia has taken off walking now, and can toddle the length of each room in our house. Blaise is potty-training (this time for real) we hope!?! He will be 3 in just a month and a half so it is HIGH time!

Still no word yet on where we'll be this fall, but I am getting excited for the trip to Canada nonetheless. Zaak's sister Saison is due to have her baby about a week after we arrive and his other sister Salome about a month later, then there are some weddings to go to, and just catching up with family and friends will be so wonderful. I'm banking on putting on a little weight with all the visiting we'll be doing :)

Hope you find me next time with better internet and news about our pending move!

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dawn said...

I am looking forward to your return. Sounds like you have a busy schedule planned already.