Friday, June 26, 2009

New Shoes Por Moi!

I found shoes to go with my bridesmaids dress for April's wedding this week! So excited :) They were on sale, they're comfy, unique looking and suit me marvelously I think. Oh and they go with the dress :) They have a bit of a heel so that makes me a good couple of inches taller than Zaak but that's okay. He's man enough to handle his wife towering over him, heehee. So the shoes are Bare Traps (which is surprising because I thought they only made comfy, casual shoes) and I got them at the Shoe Company. Happy Weekend!


mish said...

The shoes are perfect! Your summer sounds divine! A month away! Fabulous! Who is watching your fish? :) Do you get to see the newest baby in your family?

Amber said...

Our fish!? They expired LONG ago I'm afraid. Not that I was broken up about it...just not into pets at all. Yep we saw Indigo - she is the sweetest thing!

Anonymous said...
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