Wednesday, September 01, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten (In Our Kitchen)

Here is Blaise with his very first kindergarten math/language project. Acadia did a modified one as well, as she wants to be involved of course. I was so excited to start home schooling Blaise today that I kept waking up in the night! He was excited too (or ex-kite-ed as he would say) thankfully. It went great except for one slight glitch when our song for the week about space "See You On the Moon" by the Great Lake Swimmers, wasn't fast enough for my little student to bust a move to. But he quickly recovered, and really my lesson was fail-proof since we used marshmallows to measure the height of the rocket he made :)


Michelle said...

So fun to see what you are up to! Can't wait to read more blogs about your homeschooling crafts, events, etc.

Amber said...

Thanks Mish - we're doing dinosaurs this month, wheee. What are you doing for Nate's kinder curriculum?