Monday, February 07, 2011

Worst sickness of 2011 (Thus far)

Here's a photo of my little boy last week BEFORE he got hit with this wicked (evil!) flu virus!  I can't bear to take a picture of him now, all pale with dark circles under his eyes and scrawny looking.  So after 4 days of vomiting and stress, he is on the mend.  I fed him a spoonful of broth this a.m. and he said "Yum!  That tastes like mushroom soup!"  I was so thankful I about burst into tears.  There is truly NOTHING in the world like when your child is sick.  I hope my daughter, husband and I manage to evade Blaise's bug and all will be as it should be again.


michelle said...

I am sooo glad he is doing better Amber! I am a little nervous about coming home to the Canadian germs. My kids seem to be much healthier this side of the ocean than that side... not sure why. Anyway, really glad Blaise is on the mend!

Amber said...

Thanks Mish :) That is interesting that your kids are healthier there, my kids are healthier here than Guate, but yeah Blaise sure got hit hard with that flu bug!