Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Jujubes Eh

Found out today that Jujubes are a Candian thing, Americanos just call them candies. At least according to Michelle, my American friend here. So the team from BC left us among other things, clothes, towels, medicine, a toque (yay!), books, rain ponchos, pillows, and jujubes! They remind me of my grandpa, especially the taste of the red ones for some reason. Speaking of food, one of my favorite topics, I had a delicious supper tonight of black beans and cream, corn tortillas, and fresh salsa - YUM. I love the traditional Guatemalan fare.
Blaise has taught himself to roll over this week so that's a milestone (at least all the books say so). He's also started making funny faces with his mouth, little "fishy-lips" and then makes a smacking sound - too funny this boy of mine! He grabbed my glasses right off my face yesterday too! One of the couples here from BC (Tim and Amanda) got engaged and when he went to call his Mom to tell her I got choked up thinking about how some girl is going to steal Blaise away from me someday! Getting ahead of myself a bit I know, all in due time.
I'm about a third of the way through "The Count of Monte Cristo" and it is a very good read. The unabridged version (which I am reading) is almost 1500 pages long and that makes me happy because it will take me awhile to finish. Sometimes I read books so fast I can barely recall what the book was about when I get to the end, I have to keep myself from gobbling them up too quickly.


robtherockeet said...

Well, it's about time! So, I wonder why the package didn't get there... the postal service said it would be there before the 29th, bummer! Remember in highschool when we first met Conrad and we bought a ton of jujubes and watched a movie at the church? It was the Flinstones... ha ha. Our 10 year is coming up soon, we should try to do it together.

Marta said...

What are jujubes? I sometimes wish I were having some traditional fare from Nicaragua. Glad you are enjoying the food. Hope you are taking lots of pics of Blaise. I pics and video of Alysia the day she started rolling. Blaise is growing so quickly. Please put up some more pics on you site.

What are some of your favorite books (or authors)?
Did you get my email regarding my the card I sent you?

littledeb_04@yahoo.ca said...

Yes, someday some hopefully lovely girl will steal Blaise's heart..it is amazing how quickly years go by...I thought when I read your blog how actually exciting and wonderful it is when your son or daughter falls in love and it is someone that you love too. I am very fortunate that way...because it never felt like a loss.