Sunday, November 20, 2005

What do an orange tree and a turkey have in common?

They are what Zaak brought home for me from his last trip to the Capital, and they weren't even my birthday presents!? Lucky me hey. And in case you're wondering it's a REAL turkey this time; fat and frozen. So now I have a bird to cook and a tree to trim for Christmas! I love my husband:) The orange tree even has an orange on it!
I'll put a photo on here once it gets closer to Navidad. My birthday is at the end of November so I don't like to do anything Christmas-y until after my birthday. I'll be 27 this month, it sounds like such a mature and grown-up age to be but I still feel like I have so much to learn about life. I guess that's good attitude to have:) I sure love where I am in my life right now; living here in Guatemala with my sweet little family. Sometimes I get choked up at how truly and completely blessed I am.


robtherockeet said...

So, is the orange tree big or small? Will you eventually put it in your yard? I sent a birthday card in the Christmas package that was supposed to be with you by now... yep a disclaimer.

Love you!!

Marta said...

What a nice husband :). I also like turkey for Christmas (altough I did not grow up with that tradition). How big is the tree? I know what you mean about age and maturity. I will be turning 28 at the end of december.

I have to say that you and Zaak are a great inspiration to me (all the work you are doing in Guatemala). I pray that the Lord keeps blessing you and your family.

The pics of blaise in your previous post are soo cute.

Kevin said...

Tsk, young 'un, the bunch of you! I turned 29 this year and there was something ominous about it. Not that I gave it much thought. But I did podcast it! :)

Oranges are on sale now in the grocery stores around here. I think I'll make my Orange and Basil Granita using my ice cream. I forget whether I gave Zaak the recipe for that one. said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMBER! I wish that I could be there to bake you an orange cake! I loved the photos on the website...just spent an hour with them. You all look wonderful.
Glad you have a good fat turkey..that last one was rather scarey.
As for just gets better and better...but goes fast!