Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Big 02

On July 13th my little boy turned two. The night before I sang him "You'll Never Be One Again," a song from my childhood that we had on a record by Alabama. It was a bit sad that my first baby is no longer a baby, but I've got a 3 month old Acadia to enjoy so I can't complain:)
Blaise was very into his birthday this year, he tore into his presents and blew out the candles on his cake by himself. The only thing he didn't do was hit his pinata, after days of talking about it and how there were candies inside:) Oh well, maybe next year! Actually next year we will hopefully be in Montreal for Blaise's birthday, so we can celebrate with Auntie April and little buddy Noah:)


Sirdar said...

Happy belated Birthday Blaise!! Sounds like he had a great time.

dawn said...

Happy birthday to Blaise. We do look forward to their every milestone, but with a little sadness as we know they won't be going back to that time in their life. Looks like he had a great time anyway despite not hitting the pinata. They catch on to that soon enough too.