Saturday, July 21, 2007

Much to My Chagrin

This week I locked my keys and Blaise in the car. I hadn't done that yet, so I guess it was bound to happen. It seems to be something Mom's do, what with constantly multi-tasking and lack of sleep:) I arrived at the bank and promptly got a phonecall on my cel, so I was talking while getting Acadia out of the car, rolling up the windows and locking the doors. Next thing I knew I had sealed up the car with Blaise still inside, buckled into his seat:( With my heart sinking down into my shoes I call Zaak to see if he can come rescue me. Unfortunately he is with a group doing a medical clinic in a village half an hour away. So he says he will send Ericka, one of the teachers, on a microbus with his key. I go in and quickly do my banking, thankful that both kids aren't locked in the car but worried about Blaise. I go back out to the car and look in on Blaise, who is happily eating his bunny crackers. I tell the guard at the bank my dilemma, and he tells the other guard and workers inside. A lady from the church comes by and asks what's going on. Soon I have drawn a crowd, with people from shops across the street coming to peer into the car at Blaise. "Foolish Gringa Locks Young Child in Car" is flashing through my brain, as well as everyone else's I imagine. One of the bank workers is a friend of ours, Alejandro. He and the manager try a few of their keys in the car lock - this doesn't work of course. They tell me there's a guy who can open things, so he shows up on his motorbike about 10 minutes later. By this time Blaise has been in the car for 20 minutes and is getting understandably ansy. The guy gets into the car with the little wood wedges in the window and a piece of wire in about two minutes. I feel like kissing him but restrain myself, haivng already made enough of a spectacle for one day. I take Blaise out of the car and he is sweaty but fine, and instantly distracted by a passing stray dog. Gracias a Dios! We go for icecream a few doors down to alleviate my guilt a bit, and Ericka shows up ten minutes later with Zaak's key.


Sirdar said...

That must have been a bit scary for sure. Many people do that and that is just life. I am sure that if things got to a point someone would have smashed open a window. Thank goodness everything turned out alright. I'd be a little leery if the guy who opened the door. He has an interesting reputation :-)

dawn said...

Been there, done that. It is bad enough to lock the keys in the car, but so much worse on a hot day with little ones inside. I did it at the South side Superstore when the third was a baby. I had 3 (3 and under), in car seats locked in the car and it was hot. I had to go into the store to call a locksmith because I had no cell phone. That was the worst part, and I was terribly relieved when the whole thing was over. Glad everything turned out okay for you. What a great reason to go for ice cream.

Aimée said...

Oh Amber, I can only imagine how scary that must have been. I was at B&B once in Quebec City and took my luggage out to the street. The door closed and automaticaly locked behind me. Noah (just crawling) was on the other side. I about flipped out. Fortunately the owner heard me ringing away and came and opened up. I heard him ask Noah what he was doing before, though.