Monday, August 27, 2007


I haven't had anything I've wanted to blog about lately, but now I am ready to rant. The bugs are really getting to me. Tonight I opened a package of pasta only to discover tiny holes throughout the noodles and some nasty looking little critters in the bottom of the bag. Yuck. Last night I was about to put Acadia in her bed when I spotted a cockroach near my closet. I grabbed my sandal and proceeded to unsuccessfully chase it around the room. At least my cursing didn't wake up Zaak or the kids. Then there are these crickets that are so loud at night it's difficult to sleep. There are house flies everywhere even though I hunt them faithfully and kill handfulls at a time. We've also been over-run with ants of several varieties. Blaise barely finishes his lunch before they're ON THE TABLE looking for whatever he didn't eat. We all get bitten in the night by who knows what kind of greeblies that hide in our beds. Sigh. Trust me I could go on. I know it could be worse, we could have scorpions or snakes or something really awful, but this is my swan song so I'm singing it. I do like the fireflies that are in the grass at night, they're very pretty and whimsical looking.


Kelsie-lou said...

I'll send your post to my friend in Key West who is currently experiencing massive bites all over...from what, she doesn't can commiserate...I'm sorry...You are a tough chick to put up with it so well for this long! I just realized I don't have a link to your blog on mine...I'll fix that right now!

Dawn said...

Wow, that is terrible. Sirdar complains about the ants surrounding our house, and we don't tell him if one comes in on a pet. I don't think I would deal well with such critters in my stuff. The girls have a tree frog and give him crickets. Before we left on our trip one of the crickets started singing. The whole house was kept awake until 4 am. We just wanted the frog to eat the cricket, but he probably thought he finally had some company. We are hoping the cricket is consumed before our return on the weekend. I hope you bug woes lessen soon.

Aimée said...

Bummer, but I bet you have pretty good aim by now and are lightning fast with a dishtowel. I think I could handle them ok for myself, but if they came after my babies....grrr, that's the worst.