Monday, August 27, 2007

A Little Conversation

This is a snippet of a conversation I had with Blaise today:
(Blaise and I are looking at a book of animals)
Blaise - "That Mama?"
Amber - "That's a turkey."
B - (Pause) "Why not?"
A - (laughs)
B - "Mama raisins?" (sneeze, cough) "That Mama?" (back to the book, looking at the ripped cover)
A - "Somebody ripped your book."
B - "Blaise rip este?" (este=this)
A - "Mmmhmm"
B - "Blaise cracker?" (Goes and finds his bowl with his snack in it, then lays down on the carpet) "Mama yook! Mama too? Mama yay down? Yook! (I lay down beside him)
B - "Mama no yeep (sleep). Blaise sit Mama?" (He proceeds to jump on my back)
A - "No Blaise you're too heavy." (Blaise climbs up my back and throws himself down on me) "Hey I though we were looking at books?
B - (Laughing) "Mama more? Mama fun?"
A - "No, not fun. Silly."
B - "Mama silly?"
A - (Laughing) Yes. Now no more - you're going to get hurt." (Tries to climb and body slam me again) "What did Mama say?" (Stops and lets out some fake cries, but soon recovers:).

I do enjoy my little boy.

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dawn said...

Cute. You have to wonder what exactly are the little ones thinking and what are they really trying to communicate sometimes.