Saturday, September 08, 2007

Pretzels and Reality

We made soft pretzels the other day. Blaise loves getting involved in whatever I'm baking or cooking, and I generally enjoy having hin "help" me:) These pretzels turned out WAY too fat, I guess I needed to roll them much thinner. Next time. And here's an unrelated shot of Acadia because she's just so adorable. She's started cooing and singing a lot now when she's happy.

Blaise has been sick for over a week with a bad cough and cold. He's on some antibiotics now since it was getting worse instead of better. So with a baby and a sick little boy to care for I'm feeling a bit frazzled. I love being a Mom and wouldn't trade it for anything. When I'm away from Blaise and Acadia for more than 2 hours I miss them terribly. But sometimes I do get a bit jealous thinking of my friends and family who are not yet parents. The freedom! The huge amount time you have to yourself! These days when I get some free time I just want to sleep! It's 1:30 in the afternoon and I still haven't changed out of my pajamas! So I know, I know, I just need to enjoy this time when my kids are babies and all that, and I am. I just get weary sometimes. Plus the grass is always greener on the other side, and there are lots of lonely people out there who would love to have an amazing couple of kids like mine. So that cheers me up:) Zaak is a great partner and father plus he makes me laugh too when I'm down so I appreciate him. Life just can't be gumdrops and rose petals all the time I suppose - darn hey:)


Aimée said...

Hey, you're still a super mama! I know what you mean about missing your kids. Funny, isn't it? I've asked around and it never ends-you will always miss them no matter how old they get.

grandma Deb said...

I remember how tired I used to I totally understand. Hey...someday if you live near me you can have nights out with Zaak! and I'll babysit...and sometimes when I'm not working...I can watch them if you want a rest :)! that's what grandmas are for!! The kids are sooo adorable and the pretzels look so yummy I'm going for a snack!

Sirdar said...

I can understand how you feel too but probably not as much as Dawn would. One of my friends just had his first baby. He is 46, she is 40 I think. I told my dad about this and of course he was thrilled for them.

Then he said "I bet you are glad you have four kids. Could you imagine now what it would have been like without them?" They do tend to grow on you and as they grow up you have the wonderful feeling that you brought them up to be great people.

Keep strong and focused. You are and will keep being a great mom. Don't forget, those other people won't have grandchildren to spoil :-)

Amber said...

Thanks for the kudos Aimee, it takes one to know one:)

Grandma Deb that's the plan, oh believe me that's the plan! I bet you're already stockpiling ideas of how you're going to spoil your grandkids:)

Thanks for the encouragement Sirdar, I really appreciate it!

Petra said...

The pretzles look wonderful. And I know what you mean. You can totally love something and still long for something else sometimes. That's part of being a woman. :) (And maybe just being human) But that's also why I haven't decided if kids are in my future or not. Such a responsibility.

dawn said...

Mmmmm, soft pretzels.

I can relate. I had the 4 under six, and there were days I envied Sirdar going to work and having a cup of coffee on the way or there, and the quite drive as the sun was coming up and coming home to a meal and a messy house (well, I didn't envy that, I was living it every moment), and having most of the evening to himself. I too had the evening to myself on the good days, as the kids were in bed at 7 or 8. And of course there were way more good days when I felt like the luckiest person on the planet, and I know you probably feel the same way most of the time. Just keep remembering, this too will pass, and when they are the age our kids are, you can go out and about and leave them so there is a little more freedom to come sooner than you think.

Amber said...

Petra I highly recommend having kids, don't let my bad day blog entries deter you:) My children have shown me so much about myself and about God. Plus they're just such incredible little people - the fierce love I feel for them is something else.

Dawn thanks for your wisdom. It's hard to imagine Blaise and Acadia being big, but I know it will come soon enough:)