Monday, September 17, 2007

I Love a Man with Dishpan Hands

Friday Afternoon we fired our housekeeper Lidia. We suspected her of stealing but she denied it when we confronted her. Although we never caught her in the act I believe she stole some of Acadia's disposable diapers. The culture here seems to be that people don't confess to any wrong they've done, and if they do get caught they claim they only "borrowed" the stolen item or money. I felt really awful about it all weekend, what if she was innocent and I had wrongfully accused her? I've always struggled with indecisiveness and after we let her go I was doubting myself. So after talking with Zaak, shedding a few tears, and praying, I came to the conclusion that I need to trust myself and live with my decision. Sunday morning I woke up at peace about it.
Strangely enough I am feeling good about doing the housework now. Zaak and I are quite able to take care of the house ourselves, it just means divvying up more responsibilities. Like tonight after supper Zaak played with the kids while I tidied up the kitchen. Lidia was a great worker, but she would do funny/annoying things like rearrange all the food in the pantry, wash the shower curtain and leave it hanging outside to dry, wash Zaak's work clothes and shoes un-asked so he wouldn't have them the next day, give Blaise snacks and drinks without asking, clean Blaise's sippy cups so vigorously that all the spill preventor things broke, and so on. We like that we can find something where we left it now, as long as it's out of Blaise's reach:)


Aimée said...

Good for you to be that bold. That's great that you can stay on top of the cleaning with two bambinos!

April said...

Well, what good excuse do I have for not keeping the apartment clean with no kids?!!

Debby said...

Trust your instincts...I know you felt bad...but atleast now things are done the way you want them done...and you dont have to worry about things going missing.

Amber said...

Aimee and Debby thanks for your affirmations.

April, you have always been the neat freak in the family, so I don't think you have too much to worry about. Unless Gabriel is messier than Alanna and I were:) I don't think that's possible!

dawn said...

I have some of those annoying things happen here, with our house keepers. All four of them, I am sure, are doing it on purpose too, just to tempt me to fire them. I know they want it, so I won't be catering to that whim. No sirree, they just get more chores. That'll teach them.

Glad you are a peace with your decision, it must be the right one. And it is good to have some help around the house from hubby, and know where everything is. Okay...just so you know, those don't always go hand in hand.