Friday, October 12, 2007


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year, maybe the best yet! It was our third Guatemalan Thanksgiving and like the last one it was turkey-less. Our first one we had the Peter's cook get us a turkey locally and it was a sad and skinny bird. We were not impressed. See my October blog for 2005 if you want to see a photo of the anorexic turkey:)
So this year I did sweet potatoes (camotes en espanol) and a pumpkin cheesecake pie. I wasn't thrilled with the pie but got some compliments on it and Blaise liked it so that's what counts. Ruth made a wonderful salad with a homemade fresh basil dressing, then we had chicken with stuffing, mashed potaotes, and of course cranberry sauce. Really with all the fixings you hardly notice it's not turkey that you're eating:)
After the meal Blaise and his chums Sam and Kathe ran around the Peter's beautiful backyard and splashed a bit in the pila. We snapped a few photos too as the day was a beautiful one. Hope everyone else's Thanksgivings made them thankful too!


Sirdar said...

Do they celebrate Thanksgiving in Guatemala? Or are you celebrating as a Canadian? I know it is an odd question but wasn't sure if Thanksgiving is celebrated outside of North America.

Debby said...

Saison and Dean came on was their 2nd or 3rd meal of the weekend...but my first...they brought left over pumpkin pie from Paul and Tashas'..and I made some spicey chicken breasts....spicey sweetpotato fries...and salad..then we watched the dvd from Guatemala and snoozed..and chatted...very relaxing ...I'm very thankful aaahhh

dawn said...

Looks like a delicious meal. Glad you had a great time and celebrated when the rest of us did.