Monday, November 26, 2007

More November Happenings

Zaak and his chums posing with Aydee and her parents at her grad party

The Xmas tree at the Central Square - I love how it almost looks like it's snowing in the photo! It's only rain, sadly

Zaak soaking up some sun on the weekend amidst the laundry on the line:)


myla said...

trade you snowy christmas for a sunny christmas!

Sirdar said...

When I looked at the picture I was wondering why there was snow there. We have snow now so we can ship some down if you like :-)

Zaak said...

Me and my chums??

Amber said...

Whoops that should say Blaise and his chums, I guess I was getting tired when I wrote that:)

Myla and Sirdar, it really doesn't feel like Xmas without snow, so enjoy it! We get rain instead of snow which is much less festive:(

dawn said...

That does look like snow, the photo looks like here, then there is the photo of Zaak catching rays to bring us back to reality that you are not here. That is a nice grad cake in the background.