Monday, November 26, 2007

November Happenings

With Zaak home more now working (usually on the compy) I get less of a chance to blog. So here are some shots from this past month:

The kids bundled up and trying to stay warm in the house

Zaak and Blaise enjoying the fire at storytime

Acadia happliy chewing on her spoon after her breakfast

Our second (failed) attempt at a family photo with the new baby goat included:)

Cutie Patootie Acadia doing some nude shots when the weather warmed up


Sirdar said...

That Zaak...such a selfish guy using the computer when you need to blog :-)

Great pics. Nice to see how the kids are growing up.

Dawn said...

Some nice photos you have there. Your kids sure are cute. You might have to distract Zaak with some food, served somewhere other than the house, so you can get some computer time.

Debby said...

thanks for the great posts and photos....every photo is a gem and spend alot of time gazing at them and oooohing and aaahing