Sunday, October 26, 2008

I haven't been in the blogging spirit lately, not sure why. Visited with Michelle today and she asked why I haven't here I go! Maybe because I've just been so very busy. Our move went well and we're pretty much settled in now. I've been enjoying my sisters Alanna and Jessica who are here. They are great babysitters too, which I so appreciate when I get calls to sub. We'd had two snowfalls so far, and the trees photo is the view from my kitchen window. Sounds like the kids are up from their naps - must run!


mish said...

Yeah! Thanks for starting up again! As soon as Carl gets our website fixed I will start blogging again too. It was so fun to see your house and get a small picture of your life in Calgary! I fell in love with Calgary during the week we were there and someday we may be neighbors in Calgary! :) Or we may be moving back as you are moving out! :)

dawn said...

Wow, one post in three months; you are doing slightly better than Sirdar. Looks like a nice view. I enjoyed having my sister live with us when the kids were small.

Amber said...

Mish -I hope your website is back up and running soon! It must be good to be home in S.A. now.

Dawn - What has happened to Sirdar? I'm missing my sis now as she's moved back to BC. Another good reminder for me to live in the present!