Friday, May 07, 2010

My Little Boy Can READ!

(Blaise "reading" Brown Bear, Brown Bear when he was almost 3 at our house in Guate)

Yesterday I sat down with the kids and a "We Both Read" book from the library. It has a page for the parent to read on the left and then a child's page on the right. (Smart huh). So I thought I'd see if Blaise could sound out some of the words, only to discover he could read entire sentences! He read "Pets can be big. Pets can be small." from the kids page with zero prompting from me! I think the reason I'm so wonderstruck is that he pretty much taught himself to read. We have read to him since he was a baby, plus he sees Zaak and I read the paper/magazines/books all the time, and of course there are great kids programs on TV like SuperWhy. But I just love that is was a natural thing, we haven't been sitting him down every day to practice sounding out letters or anything, he just picked it up. Clever boy that he is :) And completely unbiased mother that I am ;)

(Blaise and Acadia reading a giant Dora book from Grandma :)


michelle said...

Sooo exciting!! Nate did the same as Blaise... learned mostly from Leapfrog videos... :-) The beautiful thing is now Marae can read pretty much any book she picks up, so she often sits and reads to the other two! A wonderful thing when I am busy cooking supper, etc! I am sure this will happen with your Blaise! I can just picture it now... him sitting with his little sister cuddled close, reading her favorite book to her! Lovely!!!!

Amber said...

Thanks Mish :)