Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Adventures of a Container Gardener

I slyly picked this wild strawberry plant on my walk last night :) I'm curious to see if it will produce any fruit once I confine it to a pot. I don't have the greenest thumb around but I love plants and flowers in any shape or form.

These are my poor little sweet pea seedlings, and the state I found them in after coming home in a hailstorm. They actually fared better than I had imagined, with only one leaf down. I LOVE sweet peas but they always seem quite finicky to grow in pots, so I'll see if I get any lovely fragrant blooms from my plants this summer.

Tomorrow morning the kids and I are going to plant a row of carrots, beets, zucchini, tomatoes, and sunflowers at a friends house. Yippee! We planted a bunch of stuff from seed but they really need transplanting into the ground, especially the zucchini which I'm sure are going to crawl away on their own soon to find deeper soil ;)


michelle said...

I would LOVE to garden, but the monkeys have ruined every single one of my attempts... argh... hope your transplant went well! :-0 And that the zucchini finds its roots and gives you LOTS! I have a killer zucchini bread recipe if you get good fruit from your labors!

Amber said...

Those pesky monkeys! Do people not keep gardens then at all? I'll keep you posted on our little gardens progress :)