Thursday, August 17, 2006

Busy as a Milk Man:)

We have been so crazy busy since last weekend and the arrival of the RWCC team here! It's wonderful to see their smiling familair faces and to visit with them. They also brought us a huge hockey bag full of gifts - very sweet. Zaak is with the group in Tikal right now and Blaise and were going to go too, but he has another cold so I decided we'd stay home and rest. I'm trying to figure out why he always seems to be sick with something! Is it the climate here, is it the food, or is it just the fact that he's a toddler and susceptible to every germ he encounters? I'm reading on the net to see if perhaps the unpasteurized goats milk is making him get cold more but so far I'm only finding 1.) Don't drink it because of the chances of diseases and 2.) That kids have less allergies and are healthier in general. Slightly opposing views huh. So maybe I'll start boiling his milk - I don't know.
Any wisdom or knowledge in this area is most welcome. P.S. We leave for Canada in only 8 days from tomorrow! Yippee!


Sirdar said...

Are you coming to the Edmonton area? Or just the Montreal Film Fest?

Amber said...

Just the east this time but at Xmas we plan to hit the West - your neck of the woods:)