Monday, August 07, 2006

This Is Us

It was our 6 year wedding anniversary Sunday. We went out for a wonderful meal - a delicious feast of steak, chicken, potatoes, corn, and fresh bread all brought out to us on this little grill. Dessert was a decadent piece of kahlua cake and a perfect cup of coffee. We strolled around the beautiful grounds a bit after eating too, admiring the giant goldfish and birds of paradise flowers. The best part of the meal though was sharing it with Zaak. I can't believe how I love him more and more as time goes by. I'm so glad I married such a thoughtful, handsome, fun, kind and generous man. I look forward to many more adventures as we go through life together. I am and always will be, completely enamored with Zaak Che Robichaud.


Sirdar said...

Happy anniversary!! May you have many more.

April said...

Wow, you two are such a great example! You look so happy! Yay! Gabe and I will celebrate 5 years of dating in October... time does fly! You hair looks lovely!

Mercedez said...

Feliz Aniversario!!!
Estamos muy contentas de que esten en Tactic con nosotros. Y que tengan muchos aƱos mas juntos!!!
Raquel y Mercedez

Debby said...

Wow! 6 years! I'm so glad you love my Son and he loves you and you have eachother and little Blaise...I must say that you 2 lead a very amazing life.
That meal made my mouth water! Where did you go?

Amber said...

Gracias Mercedez y Raquel, y bienvenidos a mi "blog"
Debby we went to Park Hotel, the nicest restaurant around here:)

Petra said...

Wonderful!!! Six years. It's been three for Adam and I. I can't wait for six. I'm glad you are still in love and happy. Such a growing experience. And one with so many perks. Happy Anniversary.