Monday, January 02, 2006

The Shoe Fits Like a Glove:)

The shoe I speak of is MOTHERHOOD. It's still strange to be a mother, knowing Blaise will soon be calling me Mu-ma, and realizing that I am not just Amber anymore but a mom. Very weird. But I can honestly say I love it! All those years of babysitting and teaching other peoples kids kind of soured me a bit I think. And now having this precious little boy to love and cuddle and care for I just find myself falling harder for him each day. It's an amazing experience. I knew I wanted to have a baby but I had no idea the mothering part would be so incredible. And not to say it's not a lot of work, but when the person you are caring for is your own flesh and blood it's different. It's better:) I'm so happy to be a mother! Yay for me! Yay for my sweet son!


robtherockeet said...

I'm so glad it fits like a glove! I'm hoping teaching will... to start with. I still don't see myself as a mother.

Aimee said...

Ah Amber, you put it very well. The mothering part is incredible and never gets old. Last night Danny and I took our first real date since Noah was born. He was fine, I wasn't! I thought about him all the time and even thought we wre watching Narnia, I was wondering how he was and was missing kissing him.-) Like a desperate love affair! Ohh he sooo sweet. we got back hom and he was fast asleep in his crib and I leaned in for a kiss and it was the best part of my day.

Marta said...

I think that a lot of woman can say the same thing :). I always wanted to be a mother, but when I got pregnant I did not connect with the baby. It was not till I held her in my arms for the first time that I realized how wonderful it is to be a mom (especially when they are soo small and helpless).