Tuesday, January 31, 2006


We had Erick and Gloria, a couple who work for the ministry here, over for supper tonight. I asked how the fruit trees were doing that they had planted on the property the ministry owns, and Erick said they had been stolen. Stolen RIGHT OUT OF THE GROUND! Isn't that crazy?! Three days after they were planted,someone dug them up and took them. Now they have tomatoes growing on the land and a guard (with a gun) to keep them safe. Talk about the value of food hey.


robtherockeet said...

Wow, in Haiti there were guards with guns at gas stations, banks, grocery stores but not to protect fruit trees... sad.

Petra said...

Wow. The internet makes this an even smaller world. It was such a pleasure to run into your blog. A little boy. Congratulations. You are looking so great. Hope all is well with you.