Monday, July 17, 2006

An Afternoon Photo-Shoot

I don't seem to take as many photos of Blaise as I used to, not sure why. So today after getting back from lunch with Rita, Blaise was already up from his nap (and thankfully content with finding Jonny here and not me); I grabbed the camera. I got some great shots of him but a lot of them are of him trying to get the camera from me:) He is so much fun these days! He can give me "cinco" (high five) and is getting braver about walking on his own. We're going to go and run some errands here after Blaise finishes his snack (of whole-wheat crackers, peanut butter and grated apple).


April said...

What a sweet heart!

Debby said...

Did Blaise get a birthday haircut? His hair looks shorter! Amazing...High 5's....our little boy is growing up. "sniff"

Marta said...

Such a cute boy. Once he starts walking, I have a feeling he will go straight to running. Will be keeping you very busy chasing after him :).