Sunday, July 23, 2006

Rain Rain and More Rain

So if you think we live in a hot tropical paradise - think again! The area we live in is called "The Land of Eternal Spring" for good reason! SInce May we have had rain almost every day or night. It feels like we live in Vancouver! Or what I imagine Vancouver life to be like, since people always complain about the rain. We have this neat program on our computer that shows the temperatures for almost anywhere in the world and here were the temp's one day last week:
Edmonton - 33 degrees
Montreal - 27
Smithers - 26
Squamish - 25
Cap-Pele - 21
Tactic - 18
So if you come to visit us - bring your rain slicker and a nice cozy sweater!


Anonymous said...

I wish I was in Tactic right now. It actually went up to 37 degrees here in Edmonton yesterday (Saturday, July 22). I'm tempted to sleep in our deep freeze! Too hot!!! 25 degrees is perfect for me. I guess with that I'm a true Canadian. Pheonix, Palm thank you!


Zaak said...

It feels like we're no where near the equator. I'm ready for some sunshine, actually today was nice.

Warning to Dean: Don't sleep in the deep freeze unless you keep the lid open.

April said...

Ha ha, actually the last two days in Montreal have been cooler. Usually it's close to 35 degrees with the humidity.

Petra said...

So according to 2 fahrenheit to celsius converter calculators (it's sad I know but I never learned to convert the two) it was 43.33 degrees celsius (110 fahrenheit) here today. Pretty warm. But if you don't have to do anything it is kinda nice. I like it warm. I hope you guys get sun soon.

honesty said...
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honesty said...

Edmonton's been getting hot weather, but lots of rain too and for those without air conditioning there's no relief anywhere. It actually becomes hotter in the house than outside. =P

Debby said...

I've always loved the summer and heat but this is the first summer I remember since leaving N.B. that I've had trouble sleeping. It is cooler now and we're getting is very welcome.
Glad I left before the rain...can't even carry on a conversation in your house when it rains!!(the tin roof is VERY loud)