Thursday, February 08, 2007

2 a.m. Troubles

It's 2 a.m. and Blaise is sitting in the armchair across from me watching a Baby Einstein DVD. This is not a normal middle of the night activity for him, in case you are questioning my parenting skills. The thing is he's had a fever since late this morning and hasn't been able to sleep as a result! He drifts off fine and then jerks/twitches awake and starts crying. So him and I are both totally sleep deprived. We are mercifully letting Papa Zaak sleep as he has to be out with a team all day tomorrow. I'm hoping Mariah will watch Blaise for the afternoon and then I can snooze. Unless his fever finally breaks and he wants to sleep all morning, that's cool too. I'd appreciate your prayers that Blaise will be better soon and life will get back to normal. At least he's sick now, while there's a Canadian doctor here with the team AND before his new little sibling arrives and wreaks havoc of his or her own on our sleep. Hope this all makes sense as I am getting a bit fuzzy around the edges.


April said...

I hope he feels better soon and that your worry will turn into relief

Love you both!

Sirdar said...

That is one of the not so nice things about children...the dreaded fever and can't sleep syndrome. Hope he gets over it soon. Lots of liquid Tylenol works :-)

Amber said...

Thanks for your sympathy, April and Sirdar:) It helps.

Debby said...

I havent checked in a few days...and thankfully have read the latest that he is back to is so hard to see our little ones suffering.
Hugs from Grandma little Blaise!