Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Baking with Blaise

I love how this little guy has such a sense of wonder for everything. Mama's stirring a bowl full of interesting gloop? Let me see! I got him a chair so he could stir the dry ingredients for the muffins I was making, and he did really well. Only spilled maybe a tablespoon and tasted even less than that:) What fun.


Sirdar said...

That is doing the right thing...get him interested in cooking and in a few years you just have to buy the groceries. Good thinking!! :-)

(Our kids make supper sometimes now...even Traftan. They do a great job. Mom is doing a great job teaching them)

saison said...

That's so cute. He is getting so big! I'm sure he will enjoy trying new receipes like his mother.

Marta said...

Hi Amber
It's been a while since I have read your blog, I have quite a few posts to catch up on. Blaise looks big and cute. Hope everything is going good for you guys.

Amber said...

I didn't really think about how getting Blaise into cooking could be so beneficial, thanks Sirdar:)
Isn't he big Saison! Time to come and see him I think.
Good to hear from you again Marta!