Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mucho Calor!

I just have to gloat a little that we are enjoying 28 degrees weather and clear blue skies here today. So before you get green with envy, just buy yourself a plane ticket and come on over for a visit! I've got cold watermelon and horchata (a sweet rice drink) in the fridge too. This is perfect weather for letting Blaise run around the house with no diaper on, as I have great aspirations of having him potty trained before baby # 2 arrives. I'm not really holding my breath though, I don't think he's quite made the connection that he needs to pee on the potty. He will be happily playing away and then I hear him say "Pee! Pee!" and he's pointing to a puddle at his feet. Oh well, all in good time hey:)

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Marta said...

I'm sorry but you will not get any envy from me :). I don't mind the weather here. I don't like mucho calor. I had enough of it in Nicaragua. I like my house where I control the temperature :). I just make sure to be well bundled up when I go outside :).