Friday, October 07, 2005


Okay I know I'm going a little "blog-wild" here but this will be my last post for today, I promise.
I called my old blog "Bersblog" and tried to use it but couldn't remember my password so alas I had to start over. But I called it that because Ber was a nickname given to me in highschool by Jeremy. He was in the grade below me and had nicknames for everyone. He called me Ber, Sarah "Rah", Patricia "Sha" and Esther "Ster". His locker was beside all of us 4 girls and so he'd come from class to his locker and see all of us there and say "RahBerShaSter!" Funny guy that Jeremy.
The King of nicknames though has got to be Alan. He has come up with about a dozen nicknames for me, he's a clever one that Alan. My favorites are Ambrosia and Rambler:)


J Holden said...

i have received many, many nicknames over the years - for reasons that i am unaware of

it's a funny phenomenon - keep writing!

robtherockeet said...

Hmm, I can't think of many nicknames... funny I was just thinking of our other highschool chum, Conrad Hoover. I wonder where he is and what he's doing. I remember he had a party and served battery acid juice, remember? Do you know why Dad was called Rocket?

Love you,

Amber said...

I don't know why, maybe Uncle Terry would or Grandpa and Grandma...wasn't your nickname Butterball? And of course I still call you Ape. I don't remmeber the battery acid juice, sounds delish!

Anonymous said...

NIck names... PLease... I have had many nicknames over the years. Some endearing others not so much.Here are just a few....Ceazar, sneazer, sayzer, sneazin', chicken seasoning, Shechwanie... People can be so cruel.

Amber said...

You forgot Sazu! That's my favorite:) I like Dean's nickname for Blaise - Blaiserd, very cute. Happy Anniversary Monday!

Zaak said...

So, you thought Alan called you Clamber eh? It was me! It was me.

Nicknames for me:

+ Zaak Kakaak (by JP peepee, a man who lived with us when I was 2)

+ Zechariah Gibson (by 3rd graders when I was in grade 4 after they saw a film with a character by the same name - it didn't stick longer than a year)

+ Wooly (by classmates when I was in grade 10 in Halifax, a progressive degeneration of my name: Zaak--> Sock --> Wooly Sock --> Wooly)

+ Meestah Beko (by my students in the Marshall Islands, my name when they pronounced it sounded like shawk or "shark" and the Marshallese work for shark is beko so instead of Mr Zaak, it was Meestah Beko)

+ Zaakdeep (by the king of nicknames, Alan. Amber became Ambinder)

Alan said...

RahBerShaSter is a tough one to beat. I have to acknowledge the greater talent there, I declare. Ya, Clamber was Zaak's. I seem to recall coming up with Rambler and Scrambler, though. I was dubbed Mr. Bangladesh by my students in Palau. But they put an extra syllable in Bangladesh, so that it sounded more like Bangaladesh. Ambercita is a good one for ya, Amber! Can Zaaks name be nicked in true Spanish style?