Saturday, October 15, 2005

Sadness and Loss

Well, we caught our mouse. The poison did the trick I'm afraid. Zaak told me last night he'd spied a mouse carcass near Blaise's room and so he took care of it. I felt bad that the mouse had to die and we were the cause, but he was leaving his "mark" everywhere around the house so he had to go. I wish we could have reasoned with him, then taken him out to the countryside and found him a nice spot to live. But mice are not to be reasoned with. Sorry little mouse.
Today Blaise and I have the place to ourselves because Zaak went to help deliver relief supplies to the people hit by Hurricane Stan. The reports are saying about 200,000 homes have been destroyed or damaged, and over 800 people are missing. I was trying to imagine what would happen if this type of disaster happened in Canada, and I know there would be a lot more hoopla about it. This certainly puts my mouse musings into perspective. One village was completely wiped out here, can you imagine? The Guatemalans often live near their families so I'm guessing there are entire families that are now gone. Godspeed the resources to help those who did survive but are without shelter, food, water and belongings.


Salamander said...

Ambie, you are brilliant. I have just stumbled upon your blogs and enjoyed each bit of them. Now I can know what you do today. It's terrible about your mouses misfortune. Even more so about the hurricaine. Blasted, they sure are getting out of control. Tell Zaak I love him ad blaise too.
Today I go shopping for moms birthday present and possibly even christmas presents for you all since I need to send them early.

Amber said...

Salamander! How delightful to hear from you!!! I will certainly give Zaak and Blaise your love and save some for myself too:) Did you know that "Sal" is the spanish word for salt? Now you do if you didn't:) How's beautiful BC? Did you get that CBC article I sent you about illustrating the novel "Life of Pi?" You should really enter, you're a fabulous artist. Read the book too it's a good one. said...

I love your stories daughter Ambercita! Poor mousy...I hate killing little animals. I'm wondering how the relief effort went. It troubles me there has been so little coverage on the news about Guatamala's plight...compared to Pakistan' and hugs to you and Zaak and Blaisey Boy xoxoxxo