Friday, October 07, 2005


I started a blog way back in '04 (heehee) and couldn't remember my password so I just decided to start over. It only had one short entry anyway. So April has inspired me as of late to get a blog going. Zaak's had one for awhile too and I love reading it so now it's my turn!


robtherockeet said...

Technology is a wonderful thing once you have access to it. I feel empowered by this class because I can actually do things and figure them out by myself now. Gabe loves that although he says now I need him less (ha ha). We just bought the Princess Bride DVD ($10)!!! Finally my kind of movie in Gabe's collection. What kind of DVD is Zaak itching for, for Christmas?

Amber said...

Children of Heaven, Secrets and Lies, The Constant Gardener...these are all films he desires. And if you want to make sure we get Xmas presents from you there's a team coming here in November via Edmonton, so send stuff to Zaak's Mom and she'll make sure the team gets it. I would like...hmmm, well apricot fuit leather of course, but other than that maybe a good book and yummy things like chocolates:) Oh and the 2006 Lonely Planet Calendar! That's what I REALLY want.